Hello everyone!

I am currently working on a side project to start a Podcast! The first Season will primarily focus around Philosophy and it’s relation and relevance to Humanity as a whole. I’m currently researching some different Philosophers and really doing a deep dive into how Philosophy can be applied in today’s society.

There are currently no Episodes live… YET, but the Podcast is currently only on the platform “Spreaker.” I hope as I get more into it and become comfortable with speaking to a microphone vs a person, I may expand to Apple or Spotify… Who knows!

If you’re interested in following along, go download Speaker in the App Store for Apple or the Play Store for Android and follow the Podcast, “The Venting Virgo.”

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Off Auto-Pilot

When you’re living by default, you’re automatically reacting to life in habitual ways, many of which may be limiting you and your life. In contrast, living deliberately means making more conscious and constructive life choices. When you’re living deliberately, you’re living from a position of responsibility; you’re making choices with greater awareness. You’re taking yourself off autopilot, so you’re better prepared to align your actions with the results you want to achieve.

Lauren Mackler

I thought I understood what photography was, but behind the Glamour shots and pretty lights, there is blood, sweat, and sometimes tears. There is so much that goes into a truly great imagine and I have come to understand this. Today, I am making the leap of learning the deep level of photography and truly testing the waters… the only thing I wish my camera was capable of was RAW quality… I suppose I will be on the market for a new DLSR soon. 🖤