Ezra Cerigo – beauty captured through a lens.

Welcome to Ezra Cerigo, a home for the visual representation of the beauty within the World and the beautiful people within it.

Since the very beginning, I have loved the aesthetic of the world around me and any opportunity to capture that beauty for myself, I took it. The history of Ezra Cerigo is very new as far as the name of the business but I feel as though it is very fitting of my goal.

Ezra means Helpful or Helper;
Cerigo aka Kythera is the Island of the Goddess Urania Aphrodite and God Eros – if you are not familiar with what the Goddess Aphrodite represents, to keep it short, she was the Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation.Ezra was a name that really spoke to me, before I even decided on a name for this business; Cerigo was the old Greek pronunciation of Kythera and it flowed with the first name of Ezra.

The motto of my business is “Beauty Captured Through a Lens” because my goal is to capture beauty within others and help them to love more and accept themselves for the beautiful souls they truly are. I hope to continue my journey with photography and appreciate you for joining me.